1 Music Village


Take the best bands in contemporary Christian music, add some edgy new artists who are making waves in the industry, give each one their own stage and venue every week, and you’ve got the makings of a hit music extravaganza called One Music Village.


Acquire the Fire


Acquire The Fire is a youth convention that is a catalyst for change in youth groups, schools, and communities by challenging teens everywhere to engage in a life long pursuit of God by raising the standard for themselves and their peers.




Amplify streams the most popular modern young adult worship teams in the world including Jesus Culture, Planetshakers, Citipointe Live, and many others.


Campus Church


Each week thousands of students from dozens of campuses gather under one roof to worship Jesus. Campus Church is tuning a diverse community to the heart of God.


City Lights


Join Mission 6 as they take you on the road and give you a first-hand look at what it is like to tour with them.


Cruise With A Cause


See the true life adventures of JUCE TV personalities as they mix missions with pleasure aboard a luxury cruise ship sailing toward a mission’s crusade in the Caribbean.


Dream Quest

Dream Quest.JPG

Follow 8 diverse "dreamers" as they compete in challenges designed to expose their weaknesses and make them face obstacles stopping them from achieving their dreams. The winner pitches their idea to a panel of celebrity judges.


Empowered In Christ


Join host Daniel Gelyana as he teaches on the power of healing through Jesus Christ.


Encounter TV


Join David as he aims to reach people with the message of salvation and healing through Jesus Christ. Each week, God’s truth and reality is explored through His work and His power.


Extreme Praise

Extreme Praise.jpg

Get your praise on with this half-hour music show where we praise and get lifted by some of the most amazing current and upcoming artist in faith-based entertainment.


Flat Out TV


Flatout TV takes viewers behind the scenes of Willie Moore Jr.’s radio show, the Praise Mixdown. Willie keeps it 100...flat out!


G Rock


G-Rock is a fast paced extreme sports and music video program featuring skate boarding, roller blades, snow boards and other extreme sports cut to alternative and rap style music with a message.


Gang Life


G.A.N.G. Life — God’s Anointed Now Generation — looks at topics that cloud the minds of young people all around the world, such as purpose, purity, and sharing your beliefs.


Global Ventures


A reality show that captures authentic miracles, ministry, and adventure from remote locations around the world and presents them in a cutting edge way.


Hot Off The Press

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 5.52.58 PM.png

Kristen Dalton Wolfe brings viewers up to date on what is going on in news, the arts, music, and the Christian community.


Into the Amazon


Join Doug Phillips and his team of thirty men on an adventure you’ll never forget — to the Amazon jungle, high into the Andes Mountains, and to the Great Peruvian Desert — and bring your entire family!


Jeni: Seeking The Extraordinary


JENI is a fast-paced reality series that documents the journey of two young women, Jeni Molitor and her best friend, traveling from Michigan to Florida. Along the way, they sample great food and interview extraordinary women, young and old, to learn about identity, purpose, relationships, beauty, choices, and many other topics of interest for today’s young viewers.


Laugh! With the Skit Guys


Tommy & Eddie are The Skit Guys, who use their talents in humor and acting to minister to the next generation.


Leland's Comedy Tour


Leland Klassen is a Canadian born comedian who is best known as the country’s premier clean comedian.


Mission Reality


This show features a family with a calling of sharing the love of Christ to those who do not know him in India.




MXTV is spoken in a language and set in a cultural context that today’s youth recognize as their own.  MXTV creatively presents God’s Word to the world through television, music, film, and the Internet. The passion is that this media generation encounters God, resulting in their salvation.


Planetshakers TV


Join Pastors Sam and Russell Evans from Planetshakers each week as they bring an encouraging and uplifting Bible based message.


Real Girls Real Life


An exciting new reality series, Real Girls Real Life is geared for today’s young women, featuring relevant and hip segments on positive image, making and keeping friends, relationships, and much more.


Real Videos


Real Videos is the nation’s longest running national Christian Music Video Show.


Revolution TV


Revolution TV was created to defy the media’s definition of standards and turn the generation to The Truth, where abundant living is found in Jesus Christ.



Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 7.24.57 PM.png

Rewind throws it back each week to the classic Christian music videos from the 80s and 90s, as researched by JUCE TV.


Soul Mag TV


Get in the mix with current, as well as up and coming Christian hip-hop, R&B, and Spoken Word Artists with Soul Mag TV.


Stronger with Clayton King


"In Stronger, I explore what it means to see God's strength made perfect in our weakness.  I unpack the paradox of how the Christian life is centered around Jesus becoming bigger, us becoming smaller, and how the hard times we face don't make us happy, but they can keep us humble and make us holy." - Clayton King (claytonking.com)


The 40/40


A group of students embark on a 40-day, 40-night adventure into the wilderness of Wyoming, where they get more than they expect.


The Assignment


It’s hard to believe that in a world so wired and inter-connected that there are still places where people have never heard the gospel.


The Crew


Formerly known as Top 3, our four hosts tackle topics that young people face today, interview some big influencers, and play crazy games to raise money for charity. You don't want to miss our hit TV show!


The Real Winning Edge

the-real-winning-edge copy.jpg

The Real Winning Edge is a series that features profiling teens who have overcome challenges successfully and who are introduced by celebrities in their filed of talent.


The Revolutionary Life


This show features Dustan and Darlene as they travel around the world for 14 months telling people in remote areas of the world the story of Jesus Christ, serving in multiple missions, and observing the world from a Christian point of view.


Travel the Road


Travel the Road, the groundbreaking reality television series that documents the adventurous lives of young missionaries Tim Scott and Will Decker over 18-months, through 25 countries, across 40,000 miles is a unique look into the world of frontline mission work.




Tx10 is a monthly countdown of the Top 10 Urban Christian Music Videos nationwide, as tabulated by Juce.


Way of the Master


Learn how to speak with your unsaved family and friends, and then see Kirk and Ray go onto the streets and demonstrate how to do it.


Xtreme Life


Join our host, extreme athlete, Ivan van Vuuren, as each episode he and the XL crew deliver a message of life while taking us behind the scenes, deep into the world of action sports.




Xtreme Video Zone is a monthly countdown of the Top 10 Christian Music Videos nationwide, as tabulated by JUCE TV.


Young Believer's Broadcast


YBBtv is entirely designed with young adults in mind. YBBtv is compelling, creative, and committed to connecting this generation with Jesus Christ.


Youth Bytes


In this 15-minute program, Chad Daniels provides beneficial discipleship tools for young Christ followers to use in their everyday walk with God.